New Music For Your Next Party / Chill Session

“Bodega Is That Crew” is a joint we been holding onto for a sec that was produced by our good homie CL Burrough. It’s far away from what you’re used to hearing us do but hey, music is supposed to be about feelings and taking risk right?

The B side is “Untitled” aka Trill Bill. We was in the studio one day like “Fuck it, let’s just rap. Here you go. Feel free to share and comment.

New Video: “Rising” feat Keva Soulily

Directed by Teddy Cool

The Bodega Brovas take to the stars in the second video from their new album “L.G.A.” which features guest appearances from Jean Grae, Donwill, Astronautalis, Greg Nice and more. Check the links below to cop the LP.




The Bodega Brovas are back in effect with their brand new visual for their #1 college radio record “Show Out” produced by Clayton Lauren. Cop the single on Itunes, but watch the video here.

“When things in this world get tough it’s your fam and crew that will hold you down. This is how we “Show Out”. Much love to everyone who #BelieveInBodega.” Shot by FirstEyeMedia

We Back Yo! New Bodega “Show Out” Prod. Clayton Lauren

FullSizeRender (1)

So many cool things going down here at Bodega. A new #1 college radio record (our 6th but who’s counting. We Are. Anyways this is our last joint we are tossing out before we hit you with the “LGA” album. I know ya’ll are like WTF is taking so long but some of the delays were out of our control but at the end of the day…..We are about to deliver the best product possible. Trust us. BTW (Show Out video coming soon)

Headkrack – Southern Vangard Interview Sessions

BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the #Headcrack #interview session! This week we were lucky enough to have an in-studio interview session, which always a makes for a good time. Krack certainly needs no introduction – 1/3 of the #BodegaBrovas, radio personality on nationally syndicated morning show #TheRickeySmileyShow, television personality on #Fox #Television’s #DishNation – the list goes on. We get into Krack’s beginnings in the Bronx, from hip-hop to the influence the crack-era had on his neighborhood & family, bouncing around the country growing up and how he eventually broke into the radio/music scene in Dallas. As we discussed on our interview with #TheAre of #Kotix a few weeks ago, Headkrack and The Are go way back – so we get the lowdown on how they connected and the incredible music they made that never saw the light of day! Of course we talk about Krack’s move to ATL, the underground scene he quickly became a fan of and how he manages to stay rooted there, all while managing the mainstream spotlight. All of this and more in inside folks – so press play to enjoy that #smithsonian #grade and cop the new Bodega Brova’s LP this spring! // #download #stream #listen #enjoy // // @southernvangard on #itunes #podcast #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud // #hiphop #rap #dj #mix #interview #podcast #ATL #BRONX #DALLAS #WORLDWIDE