Who Are The Bodega Brovas?

“Three mc’s from various parts of the country went to the same party one night, got cool and started working on music together. ”

Bodegas are commonly known as independent mom and pop stores in any respectable neighborhood. You can cop candy, sandwiches and sometimes weed all from the same spot.

Musically, The Bodega Brovas are the same way…

Travii the 7th (the white guy) , who hails from Chicago, is the serious anti establishment MC in the crew. His unique delivery and world view keeps “The Brovas” grounded.

Keynote (the Latin guy) , hails out of Dallas and spent 11 years hosting the #1 nighttime radio show in Dallas on 97.9 The Beat. Don’t let the radio thing fool you. Key’s rhymes are just as bizarre as his on-air persona.

Last but not least there’s Headkrack (the black guy), who hails from the Bronx, NY. He currently co-hosts both the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, as well as FOX TV’s top-rated talk show, Dish Nation.

Collectively these three manage to cover the full spectrum of what’s missing in hip hop. Most importantly, FUN!

The Bodega Brovas have spent the better parts of the last 5 years touring across the US and Europe. Their debut album “We Got It” featured production from a virtual who’s who in the world of hip hop, followed by their critically acclaimed mixtape, “Fancy Anthrax (Pre-Loaded Guns & Alcohol) Their long-awaited sophomore LP, “L.G.A.”, drops this Fall with an entirely fresh, new sound.

To thank the legions of fans who have supported them from the start, the fellas are releasing the “Believe in Bodega” EP on July 23, featuring a throwback sound before they unleash their next-level sound in the Fall.

As always, Headkrack, Keynote and Travii continue to support real hip hop – and continue to turn out the kind of records that make everyone who hears them #BelieveInBodega!