New Music For Your Next Party / Chill Session

“Bodega Is That Crew” is a joint we been holding onto for a sec that was produced by our good homie CL Burrough. It’s far away from what you’re used to hearing us do but hey, music is supposed to be about feelings and taking risk right?

The B side is “Untitled” aka Trill Bill. We was in the studio one day like “Fuck it, let’s just rap. Here you go. Feel free to share and comment.

We Back Yo! New Bodega “Show Out” Prod. Clayton Lauren

FullSizeRender (1)

So many cool things going down here at Bodega. A new #1 college radio record (our 6th but who’s counting. We Are. Anyways this is our last joint we are tossing out before we hit you with the “LGA” album. I know ya’ll are like WTF is taking so long but some of the delays were out of our control but at the end of the day…..We are about to deliver the best product possible. Trust us. BTW (Show Out video coming soon)



If you missed the world premiere of our latest single, “Rising”, on Sway In The Morning, have no fear! We still have love for you…so we’re making it available for free download on Soundcloud for a limited time!

Rising is the second single off of our upcoming album, L.G.A. (Loaded Guns & Alcohol). It features amazing vocals from Keva Soulilly and insane production from our man Picnictyme.

Check it out and, as always, #BelieveInBodega

The Bodega Brovas "Real Amerikan"

Just in time for the #4thofJuly we kamikaze the streets with “Real Amerikan”. America is a great place and a land of opportunity for many but unfortunately there is a large part of the population that falls into the blind spot and are met with financial oppression, struggle, and manipulation by the shadowy organizations who pull the strings on many levels. Do not view this song as “unpatriotic” but view it as a cries for help from many of the voices that don’t get represented on the day to day basis. And oh yeah…..#BelieveInBodega (Download available at Mixed by @DrNoize and Produced by Orlando Allen for OA Trax


Check out WIN

and download for FREE here!

Keynote - WIN

Keynote teamed up with legendary Houston producer, Mr. Lee, for his most personal joint to date. One listen reveals the years of blood, sweat and tears that went into “Win”, Keynote’s first solo record.

Last year, we leaked “Win” to a visionary DJ and one of our biggest supporters, the late DJ Whiz T, and he helped us to make it a stadium anthem for the Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys.

In memory of Whiz T, and in support of every person who stays on their grind no matter what, we are now making “Win” available for free download. Check it out here, always #BelieveInBodega, and always – no matter what – #SayWin!


World Premiere of "The Freshest Facade (ft. Astronautalis)"

Did you miss the world audio premiere of “The Freshest Facade” on Dash Radio? No worries – click here to check out the video premiere at!

Featuring Astronautalis. Production by Picnictyme. Insanely amazing visuals by ECG Productions.

“The Freshest Facade” is the first single off our upcoming full-length album, L.G.A. (Loaded Guns & Alcohol)


The Bodega Brovas - The Freshest Facade

Dead End Hip Hop x Salem Psalms present "The Joint"


Recently during A3C in Atlanta we had the opportunity to link with our good people at Salem Psalms and contribute to “The Joint”. The whole album is a project put together by the greatness of the cats behind and salem psalms studio in ATL. All cutz by the legendary Dj presyce and beats from a awesome blend of producers from around the world. Check the line up and d/l here.