The Bodega Brovas are back in effect with their brand new visual for their #1 college radio record “Show Out” produced by Clayton Lauren. Cop the single on Itunes, but watch the video here.

“When things in this world get tough it’s your fam and crew that will hold you down. This is how we “Show Out”. Much love to everyone who #BelieveInBodega.” Shot by FirstEyeMedia

Bodega Brovas "Now or Never" (FootPrints Remix)

This isn’t a music video as much as it’s a hastily put together tourism video showcasing some of our recent travels abroad.(Peep the rapper homie cameos) Shout out to the fans who come to the jams and support Bodega and our friends, we truly do it for ya’ll. Our next official videos are pretty fucking freaking amazing. (See Freshest Facade).

World Premiere of "The Freshest Facade (ft. Astronautalis)"

Did you miss the world audio premiere of “The Freshest Facade” on Dash Radio? No worries – click here to check out the video premiere at!

Featuring Astronautalis. Production by Picnictyme. Insanely amazing visuals by ECG Productions.

“The Freshest Facade” is the first single off our upcoming full-length album, L.G.A. (Loaded Guns & Alcohol)


The Bodega Brovas - The Freshest Facade

"Les Warning" Video Premiere On


Major thanks to for premiering our video for “Les Warning”! Click HERE to check out the video and download the song for FREE!

What happens when HeadKrack, Keynote and Travii meet an aspiring filmmaker at the club? They leave the club and immediately start shooting an epic music video, which is exactly what happened here! “Les Warning” is directed by HeadKrack, with cinematography by Digital Medication.

And the video itself? Just a regular night in the life of The Bodega Brovas. As usual, the struggle just to get the right munchies turns into an adventure. All set to the sounds of the single “Les Warning”. Will HeadKrack kill Keynote and Travii for buying the wrong pastries? Watch and find out who lives and who dies. And yes, the lyrics are in English not French.


Trap House The Show – Episode 8 – Life Goes On

We Bodega have our hands in quite a few things right now. This is one of them “Trap House the TV Show” . It’s produced by some very good friends of ours and this episode features the acting chops of our very own Keynote! (son kills it) Be sure you watch, share, and trap on!


The Bodega Brovas get in touch with their softer side with this new track off their upcoming mixtape Super Future Retro Let’s Go. Shot while on tour in Europe, Headkrack, Travii and Keynote filmed the video to “The La La Song” which samples Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour”. The mixtape, Super Future Retro Let’s Go, dropping sooner than you think followed by their highly anticipated album Loaded Guns & Alcohol on HiPNOTT Records.

Bodega’s mixtape, Fancy Anthrax: Pre-Loaded Guns & Alcohol, is currently out now on iTunes and compact disc via HiPNOTT Records.


Every now and then we at team Bodega get recognized by the online community. We spend so much time getting hated on that when we do see something positive we treat it like a f#cking miracle. Shout out to Tom Clements in the the UK for the love on one of our recent visits. #Dap

“For me, the standard was set by a three-man crew from Nowhere, Idaho or some such, called The Bodega Brovas. They came to London on tour with Tanya Morgan, and were slated to perform an in-store event at Wyld Pytch. There couldn’t have been more than seven people watching them in this tiny-ass room, with crackly microphones and shoddy decks, but these guys acted like it was Wembley Stadium, and they were opening up for Pac’s comeback show. It was an act that had clearly been rehearsed and fine-tuned, and it was an absolute joy to watch. Nothing but effort and hard-earned skill. I guarantee you that every one of those people in the store went home and Googled Bodega Brovas. You should too, by the way. They’re great.”

For clarity there were at least 16 people at that in-store. Thanks for the love Tom K! Hope to rock London again soon. See video below.