Words cannot describe the sickening feeling of knowing the taxes I pay help fund the same factions which are not only just oppressing and killing black people but other citizens as well. We saw a man attacked and killed on tape and we are paying them to do this. I’m numb. Tired and numb. #JusticeForEric #JusticeForMike #NeverForget #OscarGrant. I fear the “New Blue Gang”. I feel they are trying to “Track Me Down”

World Premiere of "The Freshest Facade (ft. Astronautalis)"

Did you miss the world audio premiere of “The Freshest Facade” on Dash Radio? No worries – click here to check out the video premiere at!

Featuring Astronautalis. Production by Picnictyme. Insanely amazing visuals by ECG Productions.

“The Freshest Facade” is the first single off our upcoming full-length album, L.G.A. (Loaded Guns & Alcohol)


The Bodega Brovas - The Freshest Facade

Dead End Hip Hop x Salem Psalms present "The Joint"


Recently during A3C in Atlanta we had the opportunity to link with our good people at Salem Psalms and contribute to “The Joint”. The whole album is a project put together by the greatness of the cats behind and salem psalms studio in ATL. All cutz by the legendary Dj presyce and beats from a awesome blend of producers from around the world. Check the line up and d/l here.

New Bodega Brovas "In The Sky" prod. @V_KushBeats


Ahhh yes, limitations. People with no hopes or aspirations are always quick to tell you what you can or can’t do. F*ck those people. Like Really. They are poison. Never give up on your dreams or beliefs no matter how crazy or unobtainable they may seem. The same week we dropped this, the foreign version of NASA landed a vessel on a comet. Whoa. We will keep dropping these joints on the #1stAnd15th until you cats realize we aren’t playing games at all. We are Bodega. We live in the sky.