Trap House The Show – Episode 8 – Life Goes On

We Bodega have our hands in quite a few things right now. This is one of them “Trap House the TV Show” . It’s produced by some very good friends of ours and this episode features the acting chops of our very own Keynote! (son kills it) Be sure you watch, share, and trap on!


On Saturday sept 21st, Sway and King Tech invited a few of their musician friends, some new talented M.Cs (Bodega included, along with a few vets to rock the mics of the Wake Up Show..
The result was Wake UP Show Un-Plugged. The Musicians had never met , rehearsed or practice together. Everything was done On The Fly.

Shout out to Sway, King Tech , Skyyhook , and Dj Revolution for the awesomeness.

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